languages72 questions animals151 questions Scandinavia42 questions religions45 questions North America73 questions zoology115 questions names18 questions mountains18 questions Italy27 questions Far East16 questions sailing11 questions tourist attractions14 questions nature240 questions illusions11 questions geography of North Africa11 questions China20 questions diseases17 questions Finland12 questions map35 questions geography320 questions technology140 questions Europe83 questions geography of North America31 questions anatomy13 questions comic books11 questions famous places23 questions mammals51 questions geography of the United States11 questions Mediterranean Sea13 questions seas24 questions North Africa18 questions dangerous animals10 questions Greece13 questions food14 questions Mexico10 questions surnames15 questions history of Europe12 questions celebrities13 questions capitals39 questions Russia27 questions skyscrapers14 questions Middle East13 questions medicine53 questions history of North America16 questions oceans12 questions cuisine14 questions chemistry58 questions geology27 questions geography of Africa23 questions kings13 questions Islam13 questions paintings14 questions history of Germany11 questions rivers25 questions botany30 questions geometry11 questions cities49 questions Olympic Games17 questions explorers12 questions Australia24 questions Solar System13 questions Germany21 questions World War II22 questions demography12 questions physics23 questions South America55 questions companies14 questions alcohol16 questions Asia48 questions Middle Ages21 questions mathematics21 questions dogs16 questions movie19 questions geography of South America27 questions geography of Australia12 questions pets22 questions water15 questions sea animals10 questions country names19 questions Turkey12 questions astronautics15 questions islands31 questions 20th century17 questions satellite images10 questions India20 questions geographic names22 questions volcanoes11 questions biology16 questions brands22 questions Korea10 questions Soviet Union10 questions geography of Scandinavia17 questions famous people35 questions cities of Europe17 questions colors20 questions geography of Asia29 questions numbers10 questions industry23 questions Indians11 questions United Kingdom26 questions Brazil13 questions navy19 questions

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