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geography249 questions languages51 questions medicine37 questions history157 questions technology124 questions botany22 questions birds18 questions food14 questions Southeast Asia16 questions Italy25 questions flags11 questions astronomy28 questions rivers21 questions satellite images10 questions film10 questions insects12 questions biology12 questions physics19 questions history of Europe11 questions landmarks19 questions Germany20 questions South America26 questions countries21 questions Arabia20 questions companies10 questions animals87 questions geography of the United States11 questions Africa30 questions chemistry41 questions art19 questions navy17 questions symbols17 questions literature10 questions Turkey10 questions dogs13 questions Japan25 questions United Kingdom12 questions Australia15 questions ships17 questions Christianity14 questions France19 questions culture141 questions aviation16 questions seas20 questions optical illusions12 questions geology26 questions cats16 questions religions28 questions colors16 questions cities of Europe16 questions islands24 questions musical instruments11 questions cities42 questions military10 questions 20th century13 questions Spain25 questions geometry10 questions nature68 questions India16 questions Far East11 questions illusions10 questions sport52 questions Olympic Games14 questions map33 questions ancient history10 questions famous people16 questions weapons13 questions surnames14 questions Islam10 questions alcohol15 questions celebrities12 questions Russia20 questions diseases15 questions industry21 questions Asia39 questions Solar System10 questions Middle Ages15 questions volcanoes11 questions skyscrapers14 questions etymology20 questions architecture18 questions Sweden10 questions country names16 questions Arctic11 questions water13 questions astronautics13 questions United States47 questions Middle East13 questions Europe69 questions zoology83 questions photography21 questions trees12 questions human anatomy12 questions mountains16 questions World War II14 questions anatomy12 questions car brands10 questions Greece11 questions capitals33 questions cuisine11 questions mammals29 questions brands15 questions


The questions are difficult and tricky.
But every answer has an explanation.


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At the arena, you may play against Poles answering the same questions in Polish.
You can also add new translations.

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